Trout fishing on the White and North Fork river is open all year...there is no closed season. On just about any day of the year fishermen can catch anywhere from 25 to 50 rainbow trout measuring 12 to 18 inches. However, for trophy trout fishing, the best time of year for spin fishing is January, February, and March. April and May are the hot months for fly fishing. With the right conditions the summer months can also produce some fantastic trophy trout action spin and fly fishing.

Rain gear is recommended. Rain showers can come up suddenly, last a short time, and then the sun comes out again. Dress in layers because the mornings are cool, then as the sun rises, it gets a lot warmer. The temperature will be 10 degrees lower on the river than at your lodging room. Bring cool weather head gear, and also warm weather hats. While it is unlikely that you will get your feet wet, it can be a good idea to wear some sort of waterproof shoe. There is no need to wear boots unless you want to. The fisherman's type of gloves (gloves without the finger tips ) are a good idea. When making your reservation we can talk more about the appropriate apparel for the time of year you will be fishing.

Most daytime temperatures are well above freezing. Snow and ice are uncommon. You will need to dress warmly because the wind will be cold when running the boat from fishing spot to fishing spot. Bring a thermos bottle for hot drinks and a few hand warmers. Gortex and wool clothing are the best.

Yes! We recommend wearing a hat and sun glasses. Wear a shirt that has long sleeves that you can roll up or down. You can benefit from sunscreen and lip balm any time of year. We also highly recommend sunglasses, and polarized sunglasses are best if you have them.

To fish for trout in Arkansas you will need both an Arkansas fishing license and a trout permit. Many people buy their fishing license and trout permit at local Wal-Mart stores. You can also buy your Arkansas fishing license and trout permit online. While prices vary a little from year to year, you can expect to pay somewhere around $25 for a non-resident 3-day license, which includes both your fishing license and your trout permit.

We recommend light action rods with 4 to 6 pound test line. Line color is very important. Use green, fluorocarbon, or clear line only. Do not use blue lines!

The river areas you'll be fishing are annually stocked with 1.3 million rainbow trout, 105,000 brown trout, 100,000 cutthroat trout, and 20,000 brook trout. The White and North Fork rivers are tailwaters flowing from dams. Bull Shoals Lake is a large, deep reservoir, as is Norfork Lake. Water flows through the dams from deep down near the lake bottoms. Water temperature at these depths stays almost constant year around. The cold water, typically in the mid 50's degrees Fahrenheit, is what trout love and thrive in. These same water conditions also allow natural foods to grow in abundance in both rivers. Trout eat protein rich foods in large quantities. As a result they grow rapidly, and they grow large.

The White River is one of very few places in the country where an experienced guide can guarantee that you catch your limit of rainbow trout no matter the time of year, weather condition, or water condition you may endure. Novice or expert, if you spend the day fishing for rainbows you can expect to catch 25 to 50 fish per day that range in size from 11 to 14 inches. If a trophy brown trout is on your agenda then the White River is the place to be. With hundreds of fish over 10 pounds, 44 over 20 pounds, and 4 over 30 pounds to their credit, Pro staff guides are definitely the guides you need leading the way to your trophy trout.

Never been trout fishing in your life? Great! We enjoy working with beginners. We're patient and understanding. We make it so easy all you have to do is sit in the boat. We do the rest for you. As you warm up to the thrill we'll let you do as much of the fishing as you want. If you are an experienced trout fisher who does not want a lot of coaching, or none at all, that's cool too. We're willing to fish with anyone who wants to trout fish.

Sure. Anyone can look like a good guide on these rivers. Novice or Pro, anyone can catch a lot of trout, and this is where the misconceptions start. It takes many elements in addition to just catching large numbers of fish. Read What Makes A Great Guide Great.

Yes we do conduct group trips. All Pro Staff guides have guided many group trips. They understand the logistics and team work required for smooth group trip operations. Corporations, church groups, family reunions, indeed groups of many types enjoy trout fishing as a special event. A well run group trip typically has unique needs. Let us know what you would like, or we will help you plan a trip.